The Benefits


Laser vision correction is a modern-day elective lifestyle choice that offers a variety of benefits, and which allows those that invest in it the opportunity to see more clearly.

This can have significant impact on your lifestyle including:

  • Freedom from needing glasses or contacts lenses when driving
  • Freedom to play sport, go swimming, socialise and undertake any distance vision tasks free of glasses or contact lenses
  • Freedom from forgetting your glasses – ever!
  • Freedom from wearing uncomfortable contact lenses and avoiding red irritated eyes, needing eye drops and the daily regimen of cleaning your contacts lenses
  • Freedom and the confidence of a glasses free appearance
  • Freedom from the financial requirement of purchasing glasses and contact lenses

Not everybody is a suitable candidate, but with modern developments in this technology it is available for more people than ever before, and most people can have their vision improved with laser vision correction.

Laser vision correction is an elective procedure and so a referral from an optometrist is not required. However, information about your previous glasses or contact lens prescriptions is helpful.

There are different types of laser vision correction available and based on your individual eyes and desired outcomes you will be best suited to one of them. Read more about them at the links below.

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