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Upcoming Webinar

On Wednesday at 1pm NZ time I will be joining a fantastic group of ophthalmologists from around the world to discuss tips on starting out with phaco (cataract surgery). It will be a live discussion and hosted by some of the best ophthalmic teachers I know. Teaching cataract surgery is more complex than I first believed it was when I started my training. I was taught by one supervisor to start at the end of the operation and step by step conquer each one before moving to the start of the operation. This is a great way to do it as in cataract surgery each step makes the next one ten times harder and more dangerous if you mess it up. Another supervisor would give me twenty minutes to do the operation and then take over. It wouldn’t be unusual for me only to have finished draping and perhaps the main incision before it was time to change seats. This did not fill me with confidence but I was not a big risk taker and this may suit others. We now know how important the psychology of surgery and how we learn is. There is a greater focus of being in the right mind set and looking after your mind and body for this stressful time. It is certainly a big jump to go from having a supervisor sitting beside you even if only to give encouragement to being solo at the controls.

Join us for this discussion and feel free to let me know about any questions you may have or any particular points you would like us to discuss. Hopefully see you there!

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