The first little step in SMILE

This first little step – rubbing the eye instalment on the cornea, at the very start of a SMILE laser surgery procedure makes all the difference to how I can then perform and the outcome.

Clearing a small patch of the cornea to allow the patient to see and follow a target light allows me to free the lenticule of the corneal stroma without needing to hold the eye.

The opacity is due to the laser creating a layer of millions of tiny bubbles which can be connected to create very precise incisions.

I ask the patient to keep the light in their vision central and this holds them steady while I open the laser incisions.

I am a fan of SMILE laser correction if it’s a suitable solution for the patient. It’s fast, effective, comfortable and without the extra smells and manitpualtion needed in LASIK.

Soon we will be able to treat long sighted eyes as well as  the short sighted eyes we can already treat with this laser option – giving more people options for better vision.

This is what keeps me up at night!

See the post and all video here.

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