Peer2Peer Podcast Episode: Sophi Phaco Machine with Erik Mertens

The latest Peer2Peer podcast episode is out now with the legend Erik Mertens discussing his experience with the Sophi phaco machine recently acquired by Rayner Global

This is a machine well known for its impressive sustainability, but I learned a lot about its capabilities, beautiful engineering and design.

What factors drive a surgeon to switch to a different phaco system? Is it about customising settings to match your preferences, ensuring seamless integration with your operating team, or optimising efficiency? Following Rayner’s recent acquisition of Sophi, I delves into these questions with Dr Erik Mertens, who has been using the Sophi Phaco System for four years. In this insightful conversation, Dr Mertens shares his experiences and highlights the innovative features of the Sophi system that are inspiring surgeons worldwide to make the switch.

I asked Erik all the tough questions for you like “why would I change phaco machine?” Listen to his answer to this question and many others on the pod.

Enjoy listening here and watching our chat on YouTube.

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