Peer 2 Peer Podcast: Enhancing patient understanding in cataract surgery

In this episode of Peer 2 Peer by Rayner we talk about patient counseling and matching the best lens for each individual eye!

This is one of my favourite episodes of Peer2Peer podcast for a few reasons:

1) Allon Barsam is an excellent surgeon, great business person, eloquent speaker and caring human who we can all learn a lot from him!

2) Amanda Cardwell Carones has created an extremely interesting conference, Ophthalpreneurs, which is designed to discuss everything we aren’t taught during training as eye care professionals about running a business successfully.

3) Rayner Global have allowed us to talk without limits about a wide range of topics.

4) Patient counseling and matching patients, eyes, and IOL types is a real passion of mine and my guests give some pearls of knowledge during our chat.

I hope you enjoy the podcast episode. Listen to it here.

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