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Optometrist Education Night with 3D Eye Surgery

On Tuesday night I hosted a group of local optometrists at Tennyson Day Surgery and gave them a chance to use the latest operating theatre equipment and experience hands on, eye surgery in 3D. Along with Michael Goggin and David Sia, we guided optometrists through implanting intraocular lenses into eyes and even performing epiretinal membrance peels. In between hands on sessions, an eye quiz ran through the night with lots of prizes.

Operating in 3D gives many advantages, the best of which is a safe and natural posture for the surgeon to prevent neck injuries. For the patient, there are potential advantages of less light being focused into the eye during surgery. The Tennyson Day Surgery is the only operating theatre in South Australia with this 3D technology supplied by Zeiss. It was lovely to have help on the night from the team from Zeiss to operate the microscope and also from the Alcon team to teach and supply intraocular lenses to implant. Optometrists had the chance to implant Clareon intraocular lenses using the latest AutonoMe injector system from Alcon. This is a gas powered automatic injector that delivers the lens in a smooth manner into the eye. My initial data indicates that this provides an advantage to incision healing and I have noticed less need for incision hydration after implanting these lenses.

I operate at the Tennyson Day Surgery to do all of my cataract surgery. It is a wonderful place to work and I’m sure the optometrists who attended would have been impressed with the modern technology available. Cataract surgery is a very precise operation and every little thing that can be done to make it more accurate and safer is worth it. I appreciate that Tennyson Day Surgery recognise this and have invested in such incredible equipment to provide the best outcomes for my patients.

I had a great time catching up with my optometrist colleagues and am looking forward to hosting future events. CPD points are provided and if you are interested in participating in future events, keep an eye on my social media, the Optometry Australia website and this blog.

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