laser eye surgery success tips

Laser Eye Surgery Tips for Success

Last night I was part of a panel of expert ophthalmologists specialising in laser refractive eye surgery. We discussed tips for improving outcomes for patients. Different laser eye surgery techniques have different indications, pros and cons. PRK surface laser is excellent for irregular corneas or when the cornea is too thin for other techniques. LASIK has an excellent history of success and has a rapid recovery. SMILE has benefits in terms of post operative dry eye. So even deciding which laser eye surgery technique is right for a specific patient requires thought and experience. The latest technique is not always the best and sometimes even though a patient comes to see me with a preconceived idea of which technique they would like, it is important to consider which option is best for their long term vision.

The session last night was all about improving techniques to optimise visual outcomes. We discussed the little tips that we have learned through experience that have made our practices more successful and reduced any problems. Laser vision correction is incredibly safe and works well. It is the extra little things that can turn good outcomes into exceptional ones. This session is available via and I hope it is helpful for anyone wanting to learn more about refractive surgery and you are welcome to ask me any questions of course!

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