Discussion in CRS Today Dec 2024: Expanding the Clarion IOL Family

In Dec 2023 I hosted a roundtable discussion in Singapore about the Clareon range of IOLs from Alcon including their monofocal toric, Vivity EDOF, and Panoptix multifocal.

The roundtable included some of the most experienced cataract surgeons and users of these lenses from around the globe. Personally, I’m a big user of the Clareon monofocal toric and I’ve been impressed by the range of vision extending to intermediate.

If you’d like to hear from me and my colleagues, the article is freely available online along with video snippets from each of us discussing our real life experience – linked here.

Many thanks to Alcon for putting us together in a room and letting us have an honest conversation. Also to CRS Today for publishing our discussion.

Roundtable participants are Dr Michael Lawless from Sydney Australia, Dr David Lubeck from Chicago, USA, Dr Ramamurthy from India, Dr Sohee Jeon from Seoul, Korea, Dr Hiroko Bissen-Miyajima from Tokyo Japan and myself from Adelaide, Australia. Such a lovely group of surgeons happy to share their experience.

Find the discussion linked here.


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