CRST The Podcast: Navigating A-Constant optimisation and surgically induced astigmatism

Recently I was guest medical editor for a July edition of CRST all about Astigmatism Management in cataract surgery.

Two of the most discussed topics from the magazine were A-constant optimization and Surgically Induced Astigmatism (SIA).

Florian Kretz and I discuss these topics in more detail in the latest episode of CRS Today The Podcast.

We have different views on these topics which makes for an interesting discussion.

Florian is a brilliant thinker, surgeon and scientist so tune in for many pearls of advice.

The magazine is freely available online now and the podcast can be found wherever you get your podcasts including Apple and Spotify! I hope the discussion is fun, and helpful to improve your eye surgery outcomes!

Listen to it here.

Many thanks to CRS Today, Michelle and Florian for making this happen despite so many time zones!

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