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APAO Conference Presentation

The Asia Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology (APAO) Congress is virtual this year from Singapore. Usually I concentrate on the cataract and refractive surgery meetings of ESCRS and ASCRS in Europe and USA respectively as they concentrate on my areas of speciality in laser refractive surgery and cataract surgery. However, with everything being more accessible in a virtual format, getting involved with more conferences that cover a wider scope of eye care is very enjoyable and rewarding. This year at the APAO I am moderating a discussion about contact lens technologies and dry eye management with two of my Australian colleagues. This is a really interesting crossover between ophthalmology and optometry where we can share knowledge. As an ophthalmologist, we have very little teaching about contact lenses. Most of my work is based around doing LASIK, SMILE, PRK and Cataract surgery to stop people wearing their contact lenses! Dry eye however is a big part of making sure that the outcomes of these laser and lens surgeries are as good as possible. The latest contact lens materials are actually helpful for caring for sufferers of dry eye and our discussion outlines these new changes. If you can sign up and tune in to APAO that is great but the discussion will also be available online from the 12th of September. Hope you all enjoy what we put together.

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