Interview: 2023 ESCRS – Hydrophilic IOLs

At the 2023 ESCRS meeting in Vienna in I recorded a presentation and interview about hydrophilic IOLs.

In my opinion, hydrophilic IOLs have many benefits including:

1) Fitting through smaller incisions to reduce SIA.
2) Rapid unfolding inside the eye.
3) Excellent optical clarity.
4) Many interesting and innovative optical designs.

Of course I also use hydrophobic IOLs and it’s important to select the right IOL for each individual patient.

Offering a bespoke service is key to making sure each patient achieves their goals with cataract surgery. The EMV lens from Rayner Global is hydrophilic and I’ve been very happy with results using this IOL. Many thanks to Rayner for having me speak at their booth and to Media Mice for producing this video.

The full video can be found on YouTube here.

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