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Throughout his career Ben has been widely published and his research on several topics is currently being used to improve outcomes in the pursuit of optimal vision quality.

View his published works at the links below.

Debunking the myth of “depowering” toric IOL cylinder power.

LaHood BR, Goggin M
Journal of Cataract & Refractive Surgery. 2022 Mar 1;48(3):370-1
Discussion about the ideal placement of toric IOLs.

Peripheral Hypertrophic Subepithelial Corneal Degeneration on a Laser-Assisted In SituKeratomileusis Flap.

Li Y, LaHood BR
Eye & Contact Lens. 2021 Jul 21 
The first reported description of PHSCD occurring in relation to LASIK.

Evidence-based vitamin supplements for age-related macular degeneration: an analysis of available products.

Li Y, Andrew N, LaHood BR
Clinical and Experimental Optometry. 2021 Nov 17:1-6. 
Worldwide collation of ARMD supplements with comparisons of ingredients and prices.

Episcleral mass secondary to ocular surface tattooing. 

Li Y, LaHood, B
Clinical & Experimental Ophthalmology. 2020 Nov;48(8):1111-3. 
Description of a pigmented mass following ocular tattoo.

Adjustment of Oblique Anterior Corneal Astigmatism to Allow for Posterior Corneal Astigmatism in Calculation of Toric IOLs. 

LaHood B, Ophir S, Goggin M
Journal of Cataract & Refractive Surgery. 2020 May 1;46(5):688-93. 
Assessment of oblique astigmatism and optimal toric IOL calculation.

Astigmatic Overcorrection and Axis Flip for Targeting Minimal Remaining Refractive Astigmatism with Toric Intraocular Lenses. 

Behegaray S, Goggin M, LaHood B
Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery: 2018; 44:109-110.
Explaining that “flipping the axis” with intraocular lenses can be beneficial.

Topographically Guided Transepithelial Phototherapeutic Keratectomy to Treat a Partial LASIK Flap Amputation Over the Visual Axis.

LaHood B, Ryan T, Goggin M
Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery Case Reports 2019
Describing the topographically guided laser ablation to regularise an extremely irregular cornea.

Comparing Total Keratometry Measurement on the IOLMaster 700 with Goggin Nomogram Adjusted Anterior Keratometry. 

LaHood B, Goggin M, Beheregaray S, Andrew N, Esterman A
Journal of Refractive Surgery: 2018 Aug 9;34(8):521-6
Comparing a new method of measurement of total corneal astigmatism to a gold standard

Measurement of Posterior Corneal Astigmatism by the IOLMaster 700. 

LaHood B, Goggin M
Journal of Refractive Surgery: 2018 May 9;34(5):331-6
Describing the characteristics of posterior corneal astigmatism in a large population of eyes.

Assessing the Likely Effect of Posterior Corneal Curvature on Toric Intraocular Lens Calculation for IOLs of 2.5 Dioptres cylinder power or more. 

LaHood B, Goggin M, Esterman A
Journal of Refractive Surgery: 2017 Nov 8;33(11):730-4
Assessing whether adjustment in keratometry to take into account posterior corneal astigmatism is necessary as anterior keratometric astigmatism increases.

Antibiotic prophylaxis in cataract surgery in the setting of penicillin allergy: A decision making algorithm. 

LaHood B, Andrew N, Goggin M
Survey of Ophthalmology: 2017 Sep 1;62(5):659-69
Evidence based algorithm produced for antibiotic prophylaxis during cataract surgery along with supporting review of evidence.

Eye injuries following ocular exposure to euphorbia plant sap: an Australian and New Zealand case series. 

Shields M, Andrew N, LaHood B, Saha N
Clinical & Experimental Ophthalmology: 2018 May;46(4):434.
Description of ocular toxicity of euphorbia plant sap with illustrative case data.

Corneal Collagen Cross-Linking in a Patient with Pigment Dispersion Syndrome.

LaHood B, Moore S
Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery: 2017 Mar 1:43(3);424-5.
First reported case of corneal cross-linking in the setting of pigment dispersion syndrome.

High Rate of Incidental Glaucoma Detection in New Zealand. 

LaHood B, Erceg J, Sanderson G, Bevin T
The New Zealand Medical Journal: 2016 Dec 2;129 (1446); 33
Observational study of recruitment of asymptomatic glaucoma patients.

Thirteen and a Half Syndrome – a newly described neuro-ophthalmic syndrome. 

Allbon D, LaHood B
Journal of Neuro-ophthalmology 2016; April 27
First description of eight and a half syndrome combined with trigeminal nerve palsy. 

A Comparative Study of the Effectiveness of Analgesia for Intravitreal Avastin Injection. 

LaHood B, Sherwood D, Suter A.
Clinical & Experimental Ophthalmology 2011;39(2):184-5.
Comparative assessment of the effectiveness of anaesthesia for intravitreal bevacizumab injection.

Assessment of Conjunctival Swabs in the Management of Bacterial Conjunctivitis in New Zealand. 

Everts RJ, Barnett T, LaHood B.
The New Zealand Medical Journal 2011 Jan 21;124(1328):64-71
The Utility of Routine Conjunctival Swabs in Management of Conjunctivitis.

Ocular exposure to paraquat resulting in keratopathy, pseudomembranous conjunctivitis and symblepharon. 

Avery N, LaHood B, Covello A, Allbon D
The New Zealand Medical Journal, 130 (1456), 83.
Description of ocular toxicity of paraquat herbicide exposure and review of current literature.

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