At a young age Ben experienced the impact of blindness firsthand when growing up he watched his grandfather go completely blind from glaucoma. As a child, and then a young adult, he regularly visited eye clinics and saw how many people had eye and vision issues that were preventable or could be improved with medical intervention. Being a bright, perceptive, and emotionally intelligent person, this experience inspired him to become an ophthalmologist and to help people both maintain and improve their vision.

There is no denying that Ben is highly knowledgeable and passionate about his chosen field. As a person who strives for perfection, has excellent ability to focus on and pay attention to intricate detail, and with a natural creative flair and love of science-based symmetry, ophthalmology provided the perfect combination of these skills and interests. He continues to love his chosen specialty and strives to stay informed, educate, and be educated about the latest technology and ophthalmic knowledge available to him.

Academically brilliant and with direct life experience to connect this knowledge to real-life application, Ben actively practices a patient first focus, and his genuine interest in individual patient health and maximising visual outcomes, drives him in both his surgical practice and his research pursuits. This coupled with his warm personality and commitment to listen to what each patient wishes to achieve in their lifestyle, makes him one of the best eye surgeons globally.

Ben is driven daily to provide the best possible refractive and visual outcomes for his patients, striving to help them achieve their visual goals. He genuinely works to understand each issue and then design the treatment solution for it, aiming for each patient to have the best unaided visual acuity as an outcome of their time and trust in him.

Dr LaHood is an experienced surgeon with the benefit of being educated in the modern age and his career pathway is provided in more detail here.

Ben is a world recognised expert in cataract and refractive surgery and has considerable experience in several surgical subspecialties as detailed below.

  • Laser vision correction surgery with LASIK, SMILE and PRK
  • Refractive lens exchange
  • Cataract surgery with multifocal intraocular lenses
  • Cataract surgery following previous laser vision correction
  • Treatment of presbyopia (loss of near vision with age)
  • Management of astigmatism
  • Pterygium surgery
  • Laser treatment of irregular corneas
  • Crosslinking of keratoconus
  • Removal of lid lesions and cosmetic reconstruction

Ben is a talented educator and communicator and is the author of two ophthalmic podcasts, and active social media feeds that are highly educational as well as humorous. He is also a Senior Clinical Lecturer at Adelaide University.

More about this side of his career can be found at the below links.

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